Care Homes – Plumbing, Toilet and Drain Unblocking

If you run a care home or look after the facilities in one or more and you have a drainage issue then get in touch today. We have years of experience working in a range of different care facilities right across Sussex and the South East. We understand the need to be sympathetic to residents and visitors alike. This can sometimes mean working with minimal noise, making sure our staff are friendly and polite as well as clean and efficient.

Blocked Drains

Having a blocked drain in or around any building is unpleasant but it can be especially problematic in a care home or hospice. Residents are perhaps more sensitive to disturbance and horrible smells. Flooding and water problems are also something that can be quite distressing. We are able to identify the issue rapidly and solve the problem with minimal disruption.

Care home worker and resident

Care Home Kitchen Waste and Blocked Drains

Most residential care homes and the like have a kitchen and with this comes some common problems. Over flowing grease traps and general waste build up can cause drains to block. This can then effect dish washing machines and food preparation as well as food storage areas. It is critical that issues surrounding kitchens are fixed quickly because of the obvious health and safety ramifications. Our team is very experienced in working in a range of kitchen environments and will be able to get things back to normal quickly.

Blocked Toilets

Not having working toilets is perhaps one of the most serious problems a care home can face. Some residents may not be able to walk to the next working toilet and so a swift resolution is key. In some instances the wrong things have been placed down the toilets by confused residents or simply by accident and it is important to identify these and to remove the problem right away. We can find the offending item or problem and get the system back up and running in a short space of time; making sure the residents and visitors are not without a toilet for very long.

Collapsed Drains

More of a problem in older buildings a collapsed drain can sometimes be problematic to identify. In some cases we have visited a site only to find they had paid other companies who tried to clear a blockage without checking what was going on. We use our CCTV survey equipment to correctly assess the state of the drain and then move towards to correct remedial work.

CRB Checked

All our workers are fully CRB checked and vetted. This is obviously a requirement for working with any vulnerable people and it is something we embrace. The drain guys are friendly, well-mannered and used to working in a huge range of situations where their behaviour is important.

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Contact us today if you have any plumbing or drain issues in your care home or similar facility. We will aim to prioritise the work and get you as fast as possible.


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