Don’t Get Too Flushed This Summer!

A selection of different wet wipes

The summer is a particularly bad time to get a blocked drain, as in the heat the bacteria and odours can grow rapidly. If you are experiencing any slow drainage or smells building up, you’d be wise to act promptly. One of the key places to get blocked around the home can be the toilet and there are many debates about what you should and shouldn’t flush.


Whilst the Drain Guys can rapidly come and fix any issues you encounter, it’s definitely better not to get blocked pipes in the first place. Here’s our guide to the top causes of toilet blockages and things you should consider as you flush.

The Wet Wipe Issue

A modern solution – disposable, convenient, hygienic; you can now get wet wipes for everything from cleaning your face to your kitchen surfaces. But wet wipes and the flush issue have become controversial, particularly the moist toilet wipes many of which are labelled as ‘flushable’.

At the end of last year, the BBC carried out some research and found that all wipes sold as ‘flushable’ had currently failed the disintegration tests of the water industry. Some sources cited by the BBC state that 93% of blockages in UK sewers are caused by wet wipes; so they can certainly cause problems in homes and offices too. The government and manufacturers are yet to agree a flushable standard, so until you can be sure, its better to bin them

All bathroom products and toiletries are for the bin.

Indeed, only basic toilet paper should be flushed. And you might want to teach your kids to consider how much they put down the loo. Certainly cotton wool, cotton buds and other hygiene products should be binned, as these swell up and enlarge in water and won’t disintegrate. Dental floss seems so small, but if you keep flushing it, it can wrap around things and create a net-like effect.

You should remember that it is often about build up. Your toilet may not instantly block with one item but bits collect and stick together. Think of the London fatberg – 250 metres long!

The 3 Ps

So we go along with the advice to only flush the 3 Ps. One of these is toilet paper, We’ll leave you to work out the other 2! Should anyone in your family fail to heed this advice and cause you a blockage, then give us a call, and we’ll flush your problems away.

Damp in Your Home Could Be Caused By Blocked or Damaged Pipework

Damp isn’t really something people in hotter countries have to worry about but it is certainly a common problem in the UK. Our “lovely” temperate climate means we get wet winters, and quite humid summers….oh and often wet summers too! In fact generally we get a lot of rain most of the year. However, damp isn’t always caused by rain and moisture in the air it can actually be caused by damaged pipework and plumbing and even blocked drains.


Mysterious Damp Area

A lot of people have a part of the house that seems prone to damp patches. The mould and growth is often wiped away or just managed with chemicals but the cause of it can be serious enough to warrant some action. What can happen is pipework behind the wall can leak and this allows water into the wall cavity or the plaster. It can happen in such small amounts initially that it doesn’t cause much of an issue and this is where the damp patch comes from.

Act Now

Because this process is often very slow people tend to ignore it but it can and will only get worse so it is best to speak to us right away and see what can be done. The pipe could eventually break and completely fail but even if that doesn’t happen the slow steady ingress of water will gradually cause more and more damage to the wall itself.

Other Causes

What can also happen is a blocked bath, shower or even external drain can cause water to stay in the pipes which eventually make them more prone to leakage. Even a tiny amount of moisture can start to cause a damp issue and given enough time will create a problem.

Our team of experts are skilled in all things drain related from unblocking to repairing external drains to working on baths, sinks, toilets and showers as well as general plumbing and heating. This broad range of skills mean we have seen it all and can help with damp problems caused by plumbing issues.

Case Study – Blocked and Slow Draining Urinals

Among a great deal of residential drain unblocking work we do we also have a lot of larger commercial customers too. We work in Schools, Care home, Offices, Universities and other large public buildings, so we come across a lot of different jobs.

commercial blocked urinals

The Problem

We wee recently called to a commercial customer’s building where 2 out of 3 urinals kept blocking and failing to drain properly. This was naturally a big problem and not pleasant for visitors and employees either. After some investigation we discovered the reason for the issue. It was simply that each urinal had its own mini cistern and the exiting water pressure to the room just wasn’t enough to fill each one evenly. The result? The first one would get plenty of water and the other two didn’t get enough.

The Solution

The solution was simple. We decided to install one larger cistern that could fill properly with the existing water pressure and would deliver an even flush across all three as a result. Once installed it worked perfectly first time and the customer was very pleased. The job involved removing the old cisterns, installing the new one and, of course, cleaning and repairing the walls that were left behind the old cisterns.

single cistern repair commercial urinals

If you need any help with commercial drain unblocking, commercial plumbing or anything related to drainage at all then get in touch today, and we can organise a site visit to get the job done.

Case Study – Plumbing in a Big American Style Fridge

There is a lot of choice out there these days when it comes to fridges. In this country it used to be simple under the counter options or fridge freeze combos. However, things have changed and the growth in popularity in the big American style double door fridges is showing no signs of going away. These monsters have ice machines, cold water taps and double doors as well as multiple compartments inside. While these fridges are good if you have the space many people don’t realise they are not simple plug and play fridges like we are used too.

plumbing for fridge

Water Supply

We were recently called out to help someone who had bought a big US Style fridge and suddenly realised it needed its own mains water supply for the ice maker and water dispenser. The had failed to plan for this and the only spot the fridge could go in the kitchen was a long way from any existing water supply.

Plumbing in an American style fridge

New Water Supply

We were tasked with creating a totally new water supply as there was no existing piping anywhere near. We created the new pipework underneath the existing units, set everything up and were able to get it all plumbed in and up and running in no time. This was not an easy job and took some planning but the result was worth it.

The customer now has a fully plumbed in and working American Fridge with ice machine and cold water….something they will no doubt be very pleased about in this hot weather!

While we do a great deal of work on blocked drains in Horsham, Worthing, Hove and other areas we are also able to offer plumbing services. Our skilled team has year of experience in plumbing and drainage because they are often so closely linked.

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