CCTV drain survey

Why Are CCTV Drain Surveys So Good?

CCTV drain survey

Whilst we appreciate drains are perhaps not something everyone wants to talk about all the time the recent growth in CCTV drain surveys really is an interesting one and certainly one that makes a lot of our customers very happy.

What’s Down There?

Having a blocked drain can be quit stressful, it is something that can really play on the mind of people. The issue is the mystery, not knowing what is causing the blockage can really cause a lot of worry. “Could it be costly?”, “will it go away?”. Then others questions arise like “Will I need to call the insurance company” and “what if this heavy rain forecast causes a damaging flood?” All of this can really be quite worrying so when we arrive with our CCTV equipment ready to identify the issue and fix it customers seem very happy indeed.

How Does it Work?

Well, as amazing as it is, CCTV Drain Surveys are not rocket science in terms of how it all works. They are, however, quite tricky to use and not something just anyone can master. The process involves all the usual jobs like finding the manhole cover, setting out all the equipment and opening up the drain. The next step is to start feeding the camera down into the drain to see what the problem is. We can look into very small drains, even down to 50mm so this is not just something for major issues. While the camera is moving along it is recording and sending a feed back to the surface. The images are high resolution and very good quality which is critical if we are going to accurately see what the issue is.

What Happens Next?

There are two main things that happen after the camera has been down the problematic drain. The first is that sometimes we can clearly see the issue, and we can set about fixing it. The other is that we need to take the footage back to DG HQ and go through it forensically looking for the problem. In the second instance we produce a DVD or a USB stick with all the video on it for the customer. We then send it to them to discuss the issues we have found which could be tree roots, broken pipes and other similar issues. Part of this process is to also advise and quote on the repair work with a swift and long-lasting resolution in mind!

CCTV Drain Surveys really are brilliant, they allow us to see what we could never see before and get to the bottom of issues for customers faster and far cheaper. If you have a drain mystery then get in touch and let us solve it for you!

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