Platinum drain clearing

Commercial Drainage – Platinum Catch Pit

Platinum drain clearing

We work on a lot of commercial projects from drain clearance on new housing developments to hospitals, schools and more but recently our team found themselves working with a drainage system filled with…well filled with platinum!

Precious Metal

It is certainly not everyday we find ourselves working with such a valuable material. We certainly see a lot of things in drains but precious metals are not one of the most common ones. This particular job was for a large industrial plant where they work with platinum. Of course as the products are worked on small amounts of the material are washed off and find their way into the catch pit. If the factory worked on things made of a less valuable material there may not have been a need for us but in this case clearing this catch pit is actually worth more than its weight in gold.

catch pit

How It All Works

For obvious reasons we cannot mention any locations or even exact processes or products but the general direction of the work was very interesting. Our job was to clean all the chemical drain runs around and feeding into the catch pit and make sure everything ended up where it was meant to be. We were also asked to carry out a CCTV survey to make sure the condition of the drains were as they should be. A leak from a drain here could be very costly indeed!

The next step was to then extract all the contents of the pit. This is then taken away and processed. All of that “waste” contains a substantial amount of platinum and could well be the most valuable drainage waste around!

commercial drain clearing

Commercial Work

Commercial contract work is always interesting. The types of job are enormous and our team have worked on most of them. We take a lot of pride in being asked to work on something where security and professional practice are top priorities, and we love to do a good job.

If you are looking for a contractor for any kind of commercial drainage work then get in touch today. Our professional team are able to work in a huge range of commercial environments from facilities management projects to large scale commercial drainage situations like this one.

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