2 sodium hypochlorite

Drain Cleaning Chemicals are not Always Good Idea

2 sodium hypochlorite

If you have a drainage issue at home or in the work place it is all too easy to buy some heavy duty “block busting” chemical and throw it all down the offending plug hole. But there are a few considerations to think about before leaping to this decision and some are quite important!

Money Down The Drain

Most sink unblocking magic remedies are expensive and a lot of the time they simply don’t work. While trying to get a drain moving you could easily try 3 or 4 different solutions and see only marginal benefit only to then find it blocked again in a few weeks.

The Environment

There are a number of different angles to the environmental impact of drain clearing chemicals. Many are not considered pollutants because they break down on contact with water but there is evidence that large amounts of the various chemicals on offer can cause harm to wildlife. There is, of course, the added issue of the production of the products and the containers. If you add both factors together buying a bottle or four of sink unblocker and chucking it down the drain doesn’t sound such a good idea.

Keeping Poisons

If you have small children you will know they literally get into everything and having bottles of highly toxic chemicals hanging around under the sink is really not a great idea. Even if they are well secured, it is still something most people would rather they didn’t have around. There is also the safety aspect of actually using these things. It is pretty easy to get a little splash in the eye and end up having to take a trip to A&E.


This is by no means a suggestion that calling the Drain Guys is the only way to deal with a blocked drain but it is the best. There are two reasons for this:

  1. We do not need to use harmful chemicals to get the job done.
  2. When we do it, it’s done properly and is far less likely to be an issue in the near future unless you continually keep putting bad things down your drains of course.

If you have a blocked drain get in touch today, we can fix the problem properly and without the use of lots of nasty chemicals. It is a greener way to do it and likely to be the best in the long run.

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