CCTV drain image of football

We Find Some Odd Things Blocking Drains

It will come as no surprise that we find all sorts of odd things blocking drains and generally causing issues. However, on a recent job we found something we had not come across before.

The Issue

A person contacted us saying that two drain companies had been to help them over the last few weeks and nothing had changed. Their storm drain had been blocking repeatedly and no one seemed to be able to work out why. The other companies had come and tried various things but none seemed to have used any cameras to see the full picture.

Camera Team

Our CCTV systems are very useful when it comes to looking down deep into drains and pipes to see what is causing the issue. What used to be a job involving a lot of assumption, experience and a bit of guess work is now much more accurate. In this case the customer was very pleased to see this new weapon in what was becoming quite a long battle.

The Offending Item

After a few minutes of working the camera down the 9 inch storm drain our guys came across a round white object. It took them a minute or two to figure out what it was…yes you guessed it. It was a football and it was sitting squarely over the drainage hole. What had been happening was that as water went down it sometimes floated and move around and other time as the pressure built it got sucked against the hole. So the issue was intermittent and also tricky to diagnose without actually seeing it.

CCTV drain image of football

Back to Normal

Once the issue was identified the ball was removed completely and flow was restored. The customer was delighted and so were our team. It is always great to put an end to an ongoing problem and even better when our lovely CCTV gear proves itself useful once again!

Other Items

We have seen a lot of silly things put down drains from nappies, fats and oils to clothing, toys and more. But there are some famous items that really take the biscuit.

  •  In 2014 during a huge £14 million investment into the London drains half a mini was found…yes that is half an entire car!
  • In the US a 20 foot Alligator was found in a storm drain in 2007!
  • In 2015 Scottish water found a Fax machine in a drain. Not only is it an odd thing to put down there but where do you even get one these days?

Although we are very happy to come and repair the damage caused by odd things being put down the drain it is always wise to stop and think before you flush or try to get something down the sink. The risk of blocking, flooding and costly damage is a big one and it is one easily avoided.

Get In Touch if you have an ongoing drain problem that no one seems to be able to fix, we probably can!

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