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Fats and Oils – How They Block Drains and How to Prevent it Happening

The world beyond the plug hole is so often one that most people never even think about. It is almost as though people consider it some kind of magical portal where once something passes through it no longer exists. Well, sadly, everything that goes down the plug most definitely still exists and when it comes to …

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CCTV Surveys Case Study

At the Drain Guys, we have extensive experience in clearing blocked drains across the South East. We often use specialist tools to identify problems beforehand, so we can deal with the problem quickly and efficiently. One of these techniques which we usually use is a CCTV survey, which allows us to asses the blockage. This …

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Managing Health & Safety

When you attend a domestic or commercial company property and begin carrying out work you assume responsibility for not only our own health and safety but our customers too. There no profit to high that would make us forget that and have ourselves walked away from jobs where our customers actions could have caused accidents. …

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Frozen Pipes

We were called to a customers house on Sunday (yes a tradesmen who actually does weekend call out) Water pouring into there back garden from there burst garden tap. We fixed the problem we no real issues but it got me thinking about things you could do in your own home to stop this happening …

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Grease Management

Grease can create havoc on your drainage systems, as well as being dangerous for our environment. Understanding how to dispose of it properly and cleanly is essential if you want to avoid costly, disrupting and messy problems. A staggering 75% of the sewer blockages in the UK are caused as a result of poor management …

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