Petworth Drain and Clearance

Our team were called out to deal with a blocked drain for an apartment building in Petworth. After a thorough inspection of the drain, using our state-of-the-art drain camera, we were able to locate over 49 metres of roots and damages to the drain system! Because of our expert CCTV drainage surveying equipment, the owner of the property was able to have a full survey of the property. The owner then took advantage of our full reporting service and presented the report we generated for them to their insurance, this meant that dealing with the insurance became a painless process. With the insurance company signed off, the Drain Guys jumped into action and were able to perform a full root cutting, over 49 metres of drain lining and internal point repairs to get the system free flowing again.

Drainage Unblocking Service

If you’re in need of an emergency drainage unblocking service that will get to you when you need them, then look no further The Drainage Guys are here! Your local expert drainage repair team; get in touch today for a quick quote.

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