Spring is a busy time for your drains!

spring grass

Having come through a particularly stormy winter with plenty of heavy rain, high winds and debris, it is sensible to check your drains are in good working condition and haven’t suffered any damage or blockages. As we spring-clean other parts of our homes, inspection and maintenance of drains can ensure that issues are not left to escalate causing much bigger and more expensive problems down the line.

Spot check

It is worth looking over your drains to spot any signs of damage and to check everything is functioning well. If you notice any smells building up or sinks draining more slowly than usual or any unusual noises in outlets or pipes, these can be key indications of an issue. Most homes suffer some drain blockage at one point or another and it is always best not to ignore the warning signs.

Spring is in the air

Whilst we love the lighter days and the warmer air, the latter can make any blockages smellier than in winter and also help the surrounding bacteria to develop. With the amount of waste that goes through the drain system, it can be a breeding ground for germs. These problems should be cleared up promptly and certainly before the summer heat.

Rooting out any problems

In spring, everything starts to bloom and grow. Whilst this is generally a great thing, it is also an optimal time for tree root disruption to start. Unfortunately, tree roots can get in to most sorts of drains through the joints or any small cracks. Unless you have a very modern drain system with a root barrier or lining, small roots can filter in, and the warm moist environment nurtures their expansion. Tree roots are one of the biggest causes of drain blockage. Left unmanaged they can not only block, but go on to damage the structure of your drains and even contribute to subsidence. Removing an established root issue can be a complex and timely job, so seek advice early if you think roots could be getting into your drains. We can use our CCTV cameras to see if there are root issues and how bad they may be.

Spring showers

We use water to clear blockages with minimal inconvenience to you. If you suspect you have any damage or blockages or simply want a spring maintenance check, talk to us about our full range of specialist services.

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