What happens to your drains in rough weather

Throughout the year your drainage system will be subject to all kinds of weather, its unavoidable but how does it affect the health of your drains and what can you do about it?

Drain Repair In Winter

When things get colder during the winter, your drains run the risk of becoming frozen over and the build up of ice can create a blockage long enough for debris and leaves to get intrenched. This will quickly become an issue because either the ice build up itself will cause damage or an overflow or the debris will once the ice melts away. Not to mention that if too much ice develops in any pipes, it could expand and stress the drains to the point of breaking. There are a few things you can do yourself to help prevent this happening; regularly clearing out your drains with cleaner and elbow grease, keep your heating low during the winter to prevent frosh damage, and inspect your drains on a regular basis and contact a drainage company at the first sign of any damage.

Drain Survey Service

If you’re unsure of what you’re looking for when inspecting your drains or you can’t get a good look at them, a drain survey may be your best option. Our full range of drain surveys are available to both residential and commercial properties across Sussex. Broken drainage is a situation that is always best to catch early on to minimise the damage done and slow the progress of further damage. During and just after the colder months, this check will be vital for older buildings and drainage systems. Avoid the larger costs of long-term drainage weather damage with a drainage survey.

There are some signs that can tell you that you might need a drain survey; if you have any dripping taps – they create an easier environment for pipes to freeze over during the winter months, if there are any leaks developing – they will be harder to dry up during the winter and can build and encourage much more damning problems, and uninsulated pipes are more subjectable to the weather – an insulated pipe will retain heat for longer and are less likely to freeze (as well as being more cost-effective by retaining the heat).

Get In Touch

Not knowing the warning signs or how to react to existing damage could be the difference between peace of mind and paying out for a lot of drain repair while taking cold showers. Don’t be left out in the cold during the winter, and don’t assume all is well once winter passes. For more information about looking after your drains or if you need a free quote about your properties drainage, get in touch with The Drain Guys today. Don’t forget to take a look at our blogs about your drains in the summer heat and why you should look after your drains in the summer.

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