Why it pays to maintain your drains in summer

Sausages on a round barbecue

In the summer your focus is likely to be on how much use you are getting out of the garden furniture and if you have enough ice in the freezer. But if you have just sat down on the lounger with a long cool drink, you want to smell the softly heating barbecue and not the stench of something unpleasant from your drains.

Prevent drain pain and keep them smelling sweet

If you do suffer a drain blockage in the hotter months, it is likely to smell stronger quicker, and attract unwanted pests in droves. This is equally undesirable for businesses. Although people assume drains are more likely to block in winter, there are a number of reasons they can block in summer too. And with ideal growing conditions for trees, roots can start to interfere with your pipes.

Whilst it might not be at the forefront of your mind, summer is actually an excellent time to undertake drain maintenance. Going for the preventative approach and looking after your drains can save you dealing with bigger problems at a later point. In the summer, the weather is more conducive to an internal and external drain survey and work can be done quickly and easily at minimal costs.

Regular maintenance stops problems building up

We’ve encountered all problems imaginable, but the most common causes of problems in drains do not come from a single event, but from a build up. A small problem or blockage becomes a bigger one, until eventually internal drains can affect external ones or vice versa. This is why regular maintenance can be so effective and avoid unnecessary issues and disruptions.

We can check that pipes are in good order and fix or unblock any issues to ensure everything is flowing with no accumulated debris or any kind of issue.

Home tips to look after your drains

There are also things you can do at home over the summer to minimise problems. Scrap your plates well and avoid putting any necessary food down the sink – you may well notice the smell of food lingering in your pipes more over the summer. Always avoid putting fats down the sink. If you accidentally do, flush with plenty of boiling water. Also brush your hair before using the bath or shower as we lose more hair in the summer months.

If you do notice low water pressure or slow drainage then get in contact promptly. It’s easier to solve the problem before it gets too bad. The Drain Guys have all the right equipment from rods, jet system to drainage CCTV, and we’ll ensure your summer stays smelling sweet.

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