Boiler Repair, Servicing and Installation

Heating and Boiler Services Across West Sussex

We are very pleased to be able to offer a wide range of heating services to customers across West Sussex. Our friendly team of gas and heating engineers are able to install and service boilers as well as repair them. We offer a fast, effective, reliable and great value service where the customer comes first. TDG Heating is part of the Drain Guys Group, and we offer boiler servicing, boiler repair and boiler installation as well as other heating services.

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Boiler Repair

Having a broken boiler is not only stressful it is really inconvenient too. It is only when it breaks do we realise how much we rely on hot water and heating. This is especially so in the winter, but we use hot water all year round. As well as the fact the boiler has broken down there is the added stress and worry that it may not be repairable and may need to be replaced. Our team will get to you quickly and begin assessing the problem and getting it repaired. If it is all possible repair is our first option, and we will always strive to offer the most cost effective solution. We are not on commission to sell people new boilers or anything like that, so we will fix it if it can be fixed and for as little as possible whilst making sure it is safe and reliable to use.

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Boiler Servicing

Whilst your boiler may do its thing every day and not give you much cause to think about it things can go wrong. Having it serviced and safety checked every year is very important. We offer a fast, reliable and friendly gas boiler servicing service across West Sussex. Regular boiler servicing will help prolong the lifespan of the boiler and ultimately save you money. If you plan on selling your home a well serviced boiler can make a big difference to buyers!

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Boiler Installation and Fitting

Old boilers can actually cost more to run than new ones and often there comes a point where it is sensible to get a new boiler installed. We are able to help you select the right new boiler for you or install one you have already chosen. Our professional team will make sure the boiler is fitted to the highest standard, fully checked and will also make sure you know how to use it properly.

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Everything we do is about care, safety and attention to detail whether it is a boiler repair, boiler service or boiler installation anywhere in Sussex we will make sure the job is done quickly, done well and done safely. We are not a big UK company, we are local and trusted Sussex team that care about our customers and work very hard to make sure they are happy and warm too!

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