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The Drain Guys are a local team of highly qualified professional drainage experts in Guildford

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The Drain Guys Guildford

Welcome to The Drain Guys Guildford

The Drain Guys are a team of highly qualified professional drain clearance experts in Guildford, working in and around the town centre and the wider GU postcode. Our team has the expertise to deal with any drainage issue you may have, from clogged or blocked drains to burst pipes and more; we’ve built up a fantastic reputation in the area for providing a reliable and honest service. When it comes to blocked drains in Guildford, we are the drainage people to call.

We are happy to work at both your home and business premises, so no matter what kind of problem you’ve got, we can get things free flowing as they should for you in no time. 

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  • Fast, Polite & Effective Service
  • No Call Out Fees
  • Supporting both Domestic & Commercial Customers
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Guildford and the Surrounding Area

The Drain Guys Guildford Covers

  • Petworth
  • Cranleigh
  • Godalming
  • Midhurst
  • Haslemere
  • Farnham
  • Aldershot
  • Camberley
  • Runfold
  • Alton

Repairing Blocked Drains In Guildford

How do we fix blocked drains in Guildford?

High pressure jet clearing and cleaning

Most common household blockages are no match for our high pressure jetting equipment - these concentrated jets of water blast through the blockage, and make a blocked drainage system a thing of the past. 

No dig drain lining

Sometimes, the problem with your drain can be traced back to a crack or breakage, but luckily, not all of these require disruptive digging. In fact, in many instances, we’re able to apply a no-dig drain lining, which does exactly what it says on the tin - lines the drain to seal the issue without digging everything up to get to it. It’s clever stuff! We’re experts on no-dig drain repair in Guildford


When digging is necessary, our Guildford team will always make sure there’s a plan in place to make the job quick and straightforward, and, most importantly, as localised as possible. We’ll always talk it through with you to make sure you know exactly why and how the excavation will happen. 

onducting drain repairs, drain clearance, surveys, and dealing with blocked drains in Guildford, and we’ve seen just about every drain problem you can imagine. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll deal with your drainage issue quickly, efficiently, and professionally.

Blocked drains in Guildford are never pleasant and we understand this. In fact, we also understand you never really want to call us but it is one of those things you have to get sorted. We work on a fixed price and come to you anytime. If you smell something odd or you have a slow draining kitchen sink or other issues then we can come and find out what is wrong and fix it. We often use CCTV to see what the underlying problem is with external drain issues. We have been called to many a job where someone simply tried to jet an issue away when the actual drain was damaged and no amount of jetting would have cleared it.

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Fixing Blocked Drains in Guildford Quickly & Efficiently
Blocked Drain Clearance from just £95 + VAT

Blocked Drains in Guildford

Get support fast from The Drain Guys Guildford, your trusted drain specialists with many years of experience

Our Services

Which parts of the Guildford area do we cover?

We have carried out jobs everywhere from Woodbridge Hill to Shalford and surrounding towns and villages like Godalming, West Clandon, and East Horsley. While we have a dedicated expert in Guildford, we are also able to deal with blocked drains in the wider GU area including Camberley, Farnham, Haslemere, Woking and many more.

CCTV drain surveys in Guildford

With specialist CCTV drain survey equipment on board, it’s never been easier for our team to get to the root of a drainage problem. We’re proud to offer CCTV drain surveys in and around Guildford, allowing us to pinpoint the problem in order to get it fixed ASAP for you.

Residential drain services in Guildford

Home buyers drain survey

In the excitement of buying a new home, you may neglect to wonder what hidden issues that drainage system may throw up for you in the future, but we’d urge you to consider it. Our home buyers drain surveys in Guildford have put the minds of many home buyers across the area at rest - or alerted them to problems that they can factor into their decision making. 

Toilet unblocking 

A blocked toilet becomes an urgent problem very quickly, but it’s a common one, and it’s one that we can get sorted for you in no time. We deal with blocked toilets in Guildford on a regular basis, so at the first sign of a blockage, give the experts a call. 

Sink unblocking 

It’s no wonder sinks are some of the most common blockages we attend - they go through a lot! From food particles to cooking fat, kitchen waste can cause a big problem for your drainage system. If you’ve fallen foul of a blocked sink, you’ll need a team on hand who can get things moving again - that’s us!

 Bath unblocking

No one wants their bath water hanging around with nowhere to go - if it’s not draining away, chances are there’s a blockage. We handle bath unblocking in Guildford, and have done for years now; just drop us a line. 

Business drain services in Guildford

It’s not just residential premises that we’re happy to attend - we’ll come out to your business too. We know that drainage problems can cause inconvenience to say the least, so we’ll be there ASAP to solve any business drainage problem, from external standing water to a blocked urinal. 

Commercial drain services in Guildford

We’re a commercial drainage contractor in Guildford as well as a residential one, so larger drainage systems are no problem for us. We’ll take on commercial drain repairs, emergency callouts, or pre-planned maintenance on buildings that could include: 

Why choose The Drain Guys Guildford?

We’ve got years of experience conducting drain repairs, drain clearance, surveys, and dealing with blocked drains in Guildford, and we’ve seen just about every drain problem you can imagine. We know how much of an inconvenience any drainage issue is, so using our expertise, we’re able to sort the problem effectively, and explain how it occurred in the first place. 

If you have a blocked drain or you are seeing standing water around the house, noticing foul smells or other drainage issues please give our friendly team a call today; our drainage clearance in Guildford is to be relied upon. 

Guildford FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions
for Guildford

How much is a callout?

We don’t charge for simply attending; we’ll only charge for the work carried out, which keeps things simple, not to mention reasonable. 

Can you attend rural areas around Guildford?

Yes, of course, we can handle older drainage systems out in the sticks as well as newer ones in built up areas of Guildford. 

Will I definitely need a CCTV survey of my drainage system?

Not always; sometimes the problem is obvious. If we recommend that a CCTV survey is done, we’ll always let you know first, and explain the associated cost. 

Do you operate 24/7?

Yes, you can call us whenever you get a drainage problem - we know it won’t always be at the best time! 

Can you unblock external drains?

Yes, we can - standing water caused by a blocked drain is a big indication of a problem.

Could a blockage be a collapsed drain?

It could be, but it doesn’t happen all that often. Don’t panic; our team can get to the bottom of it.

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