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Drain Cleaning and Desilting in Sussex and Surrey

One of the most effective ways to prevent drainage problems in a property is to have them cleaned regularly to prevent blockages and a build-up of silt

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Maintaining your drainage system plays an important role in the health and well-being of your staff and customers and ensures the smooth operation of your business.  A clean and free-flowing plumbing system is integral and can reduce the risk of many hazardous plumbing backups and drainage issues in your commercial building. That’s where The Drain Guys can help. We provide essential commercial drain cleaning and maintenance services right across West Sussex to ensure your business can run as smoothly and problem-free as possible.

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Commercial Drain Cleaning and Desilting?

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Cleaning & Desilting

Drain Cleaning And Desilting

One of the most effective ways to prevent drainage problems in a property or developement is to have them cleaned regularly to prevent blockages and a build-up of silt.

Silt is a common issue in public drains and sewers that are put under immense stress every day. Our cleaning and desilting services keep drains, pipes and sewers running freely to avoid flooding and other issues from developing. We can work on any property, from smaller pipe systems to industrial drainage and mains sewers.

The Drain Guys team use the latest in pressure jetting equipment to remove any blockages and build-up of materials in your drains and sewer pipes to leave them clean and free flowing once more. We operate across the South East, including Brighton and Hove, Worthing, Haywards Heath, Chichester and Guildford. Our desilting teams will clear drains, pipes and sewers for commercial site environments, helping the likes of construction sites maintain a functional work site.

About Silt

What is Silt?

Silt refers to the heavy matter that collects in sewage pipes, and if it’s not cleaned out and removed regularly, it can solidify and cause blockages.

Silt can turn into a rock-like substance over time which hinders the flow of the building site drainage system and can result in flooding and slow-moving drainage if it’s neglected. As rainfall levels increase each year, desilting is becoming an increasingly necessary service around the UK. For construction and building sites that need to flush away a lot of waste materials every day, having a system that works efficiently is essential for productivity.

Drain Cleaning Services We Provide

We take our approach to drain cleaning very seriously with a range of methods to suit different needs. Our engineers are highly trained in commercial drain cleaning and will offer a cost-effective solution for your drainage issues after an examination. Here are the most common drain cleaning services we provide.

Drain Jetting

The most common method of commercial drain cleaning is drain jetting. This method offers a long-term solution for a persistent problem. It involves using high-pressure water jets to remove blockages and get rid of debris, fat and grease build-up to preserve a healthy commercial drainage system. A high-pressure hose is placed into the drain followed by powerful water being pumped down from a jetting machine that is pressurised enough to break down any congestion in the pipes.

Push Rods

Drain rodding is another common method of drain cleaning which involves rods being pushed into the drain by hand to clear the obstruction. Different attachments can be used on the end of the rod depending on what is required to clean the drain.

Electro-Mechanical Drain Cleaning

This method is the process of using a motorised tool which breaks up any material which has accumulated in the pipe by rotating. This method is commonly used when pipes block through debris, oils, and fats.

Quality Desilting Services

Drain Desilting

Drain desilting is the process of removing loose and hardened silt from drains to get them working optimally again.

We will identify the source of the blockage using in-depth CCTV drain surveys and use the latest equipment and techniques to rid the pipes of silt and other materials that have built-up over time.

Our desilting teams will clear and cleanse the drains and pipework, breaking up solid matter and flushing through the system to an available manhole where it can then be removed using a vacuum. Our team remove waste from sites in accordance with the current regulations, legislation and best practices for complete confidence. With regular maintenance, you can prevent silt from causing issues in drainage systems which avoids costly repairs and emergency callouts in the future.

Commercial Drain Cleaning Services in Sussex

Businesses need to keep their drains clean, healthy and well-performing to ensure the running of the business isn’t halted by blocked drains. The Drain Guys know how important efficient drainage is in your commercial property, and we always operate with your business in mind and work to your schedule so that there is minimal downtime for the company.

When Do I Need to Drain Cleaning Services?

For commercial property owners, drain cleaning and maintenance can often be put on the back burner, and it’s easy to forget when compared to the mountain of other things you need to think about to keep your business running. However, if you wait too long in between drain cleans, you can face plumbing disasters that halt your business. If you notice any of these signs, it may be time for a drain cleaning:

  • Slow drains
  • Mysterious odours
  • Frequent clogs
  • Gurgling sounds
  • Multiple clogged drains

Maintaining regular professional cleaning throughout the year can save you from expensive problems later down the line. If you can’t remember the last time your drains were cleaned, it’s probably time you called us.

Benefits of Professional Commercial Drain Cleaning

Drain blockages, slow draining sinks and other drain problems are very common issues in commercial buildings when the proper care isn’t taken out to ensure efficient drainage. Therefore, you must schedule regular drain cleaning to prevent buildup. Here are many other benefits to hiring a professional drain cleaner for your commercial building:

Less Downtime

Healthier drains mean less need for repairs which ultimately results in less downtime for your business. You’ll avoid the hazards that come from blocked sewers which will reduce the risk of larger issues which can lead to time-consuming and expensive blockage issues.

Enhanced Protection

It’s important to protect people in your building from exposure to hazardous materials, especially if your business deals with the public. With routine commercial drain cleaning from The Drain Guys, you can avoid mainline sewer clogs that result in sewer backups and more drainage issues.

Reduced Stress on Plumbing System

Commercial plumbing systems can handle a huge amount of waste daily, but for them to work efficiently long term, they will require routine cleaning and maintenance. By keeping your commercial drains clean, your operations can drastically reduce the risk of clogs that create pressure inside the pipes. After a while, the pipes under this pressure can deteriorate which can lead to burst pipes, leaks and other serious plumbing problems.

Prevents Drain Odours

Scheduling regular commercial drain cleaning can significantly reduce the risk of drains emitting foul odours that can affect your staff’s work day and your client's experience with your business. Over time, residue builds up along the interior of the pipes which is loaded with odour-emitting bacteria that can only be removed with professional drain cleaning.

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Our commercial drain cleaning services are available to any business across East Sussex, West Sussex and London. We’ve helped a range of businesses including care homes, hotels and restaurants, housing associations and schools. If you’re looking for a professional drain cleaning service for your business, make sure to get in touch with us now.

Our team are fully qualified to tackle any blockage or drainage issue you might be facing on-site. Contact us today to find out more about the services we offer and how we can assist you with your property’s drainage repairs and maintenance.

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