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One of the most effective ways to prevent drainage problems in a property or developement is to have them cleaned regularly to prevent blockages and a build-up of silt. Silt is a common issue in public drains and sewers that are put under immense stress every day. Our cleaning and desilting services keep drains, pipes and sewers running freely to avoid flooding and other issues from developing. We can work on any property, from smaller pipe systems to industrial drainage and mains sewers.

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The Drain Guys team use the latest in pressure jetting equipment to remove any blockages and build-up of materials in your drains and sewer pipes to leave them clean and free flowing once more. We operate across the South East, including Brighton and Hove, Worthing, Haywards Heath, Chichester and Guildford. Our desilting teams will clear drains, pipes and sewers for commercial site environments, helping the likes of construction sites maintain a functional work site.

What is silt?

Silt refers to the heavy matter that collects in sewage pipes, and if it’s not cleaned out and removed regularly, it can solidify and cause blockages. Silt can turn into a rock-like substance over time which hinders the flow of the building site drainage system and can result in flooding and slow-moving drainage if it’s neglected. As rainfall levels increase each year, desilting is becoming an increasingly necessary service around the UK. For construction and building sites that need to flush away a lot of waste materials every day, having a system that works efficiently is essential for productivity.

Drain Desilting

Drain desilting is the process of removing loose and hardened silt from drains to get them working optimally again. We will identify the source of the blockage using in-depth CCTV drain surveys and use the latest equipment and techniques to rid the pipes of silt and other materials that have built-up over time.

Our desilting teams will clear and cleanse the drains and pipework, breaking up solid matter and flushing through the system to an available manhole where it can then be removed using a vacuum. Our team remove waste from sites in accordance with the current regulations, legislation and best practices for complete confidence. With regular maintenance, you can prevent silt from causing issues in drainage systems which avoids costly repairs and emergency callouts in the future.

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The Drain Guys have extensive experience in all aspects of drain cleaning and desilting, having worked with domestic and commercial clients across the South East. We offer a wide range of services to keep your drains working efficiently, from CCTV drain surveys to dealing with blockages and emergency plumbing concerns.

Our team are fully qualified to tackle any blockage or drainage issue you might be facing on-site. Contact us today to find out more about the services we offer and how we can assist you with your property’s drainage repairs and maintenance.

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*We will make every effort to arrive on the same day you book, however, if the booking is made very late in the day or other circumstances prevent our team getting to you the service will be provided at the earliest opportunity the next day. Offer only applies to normal weekday working hours excludes weekend out of hours and public holidays. Excluded from this offer is Shared drains, multiple blockages on the same property Root cutting, excavations, Cleaning up the mess created by the blockage, Drain Descaling. Getting access to the drain, soil pipework or wastes pipework, locating or exposing hidden chambers, taking jetting hoses through property inspecting the drains with the camera.

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