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Septice tank and pump repair in Sussex and Surrey

We are able to provide septic tank servicing and repair as well as installation and pump maintenance

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For many rural properties mains drainage is not an option so septic tanks provide a discreet and often highly efficient method of dealing with waste water and sewage.

For many years Cesspits were used but these need emptying regularly and can become costly. Septic tanks come in a range of different types and offer different levels of treatment depending on your situation.

While septic tanks can be very effective, they can need maintenance as well as the related pump servicing and drainage. We are able to provide septic tank servicing and repair as well as installation and pump maintenance. 

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Septic Tanks?

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Sewage Treatment Plants And Septic Tank Installation

Our team of experts can install and set up a new or replacement septic tank for your home. Whether you need an old cesspit removed and a new septic tank or treatment plant installed or you want to create a brand new sewage system we can help.

There is a range of regulations around installing a septic tank and it is critical they adhere too. These include making sure the tank is right for the property, the location is correct and the ground conditions are right. We make sure your new tank is completely compliant so you do not have to worry about that side of things. Not only will it work perfectly and be installed by an experienced team it will be done correctly and in line with the law!

Septic Tank Inspection

It is important to have your septic tank inspected if you have any concerns about it. You may be noticing smells or find it needs to be emptied more often.

These signs could point to a serious issue so an inspection will get to the bottom of the issue. If you get an inspection early you could save yourself a lot of money. Many of the problems septic tanks suffer can get worse and more expensive to fix over time if left.

Septic Tank Repair And Servicing

If you have a septic tank or sewage treatment plant, it is advisable you have it serviced periodically. It is important to make sure the tank is intact and not compromised by roots or anything else. Many of the potential issues will come up in an inspection but it is also useful to consider servicing to make sure everything is working properly.

Septic Tank Pump Repairs And Servicing

Different tanks have different types of pump, some are designed to pump the wastewater up to ground level and others are used to bring the wastewater into the system and even push it out to a soakaway. Making sure your pump is running properly is important and keeping it running efficiently can have an effect on the whole system.

We offer spetic tank pump repair right across Surrey, Sussex and South London. Our experts are on hand to deal with any issues you may be having with your pump. We also offers septic tank pump replacement, in some cases the pump in situ is simply not repairable or has already totally failed. In this case our technitians will be able to install a replacement pump to get your system back up and running. 

Percolation Test

Before installing a drainage system a percolation test is critical. It is a way of testing how the ground can absorb water and plays a major role in assessing what kind of tank system your property may need.

The percolation test assesses if the ground is suitable for a drainage field and how big that area needs to be. Our experienced team can come and perform this test prior to any planning and work on the system itself.

2020 Cesspit Regulation Checks

In 2020 new rules came into play regarding Cesspits and septic tanks. It is important your system is compliant with these rules and we can help you assess that and plan what to do next.

If your tank discharges into surface water then you are required to upgrade it to a full sewage treatment system. We can advise on the right system for your property as well as supply, install and set it up.

Septic Tanks

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