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A blocked gully can cause all sorts of problems in a commercial setting. When a gully becomes blocked, as they often do, this interrupts the flow of wastewater into sewage systems. If this happens you can be faced with a backup of wastewater which can make its way into your property causing leaks and extensive damage. We are highly experienced in commercial gully cleaning and are available, across Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and London, for both maintenance services and emergency callouts should your gully become blocked.

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Why Is Gully Cleaning Necessary?

When a gully is not functioning as it should wastewater is unable to properly run into your drainage system. This can result in unsanitary conditions in or around your commercial premises. All sorts of things can cause blockages in a gully. However, most are caused by foreign objects and materials entering the system, such as oil, fat, food, silt and hair. Outdoor gullies are also subject to stones, mud, leaves and other materials that get washed into the drainage system.

Gully cleaning is necessary when it becomes apparent that a gully is blocked or damaged. However regular gully cleaning is advised to remove any foreign objects and wash out the system before problems arise. Typically, you should be getting your gullies cleaned every two years.

If a gully blockage is causing a problem it can get out of hand quickly and cause serious damage to your property. We work with restaurants and pubs, care homes, schools, industrial premises, shopping centres, leisure centres and food preparation units, taking care of their drainage systems. When drainage issues arise in these facilities and businesses, they may quickly become unsanitary. Floors might also be severely damaged and sitting wastewater can result in leaks and flooding in the building. If such problems occur the damage can be costly and you may need to shut the premises whilst the issues are dealt with, which can result in further loss of earnings.

A blocked gully, or even one that is slow draining, is easy to ignore but can be very difficult to fix, which is why regular gully cleaning and maintenance are very necessary.

How We Fix A Blocked Gully

The Drain Guys are experts in commercial drainage care, repair and maintenance services. We service gullies for commercial businesses and organisations across Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and London, providing maintenance services. We’re also highly experienced in clearing blocked gullies through a careful but forceful cleaning and desilting process. When a gully is blocked we will use specialist tools to remove the foreign object or build-up of silt or fat that has caused the issue. After this, we will clean the system through and then test the drainage to ensure it is fully functioning.

Gullies and drainage systems do need regular maintenance and cleaning. However, we understand that your business cannot afford to be disturbed. That’s why we work 24 hours and, 7 days a week, so we can work around you and ensure minimal disruption to your business. With our years of experience and professional team, we are able to work quickly and efficiently, providing a thorough and meticulous service.

Maintaining A Gully In A Commerical Premises

Maintenance is important for ensuring that the build-up of oil, fat, silt and other materials does not result in a serious blockage. When a gully becomes blocked you risk costly damage to your premises, but periodic cleaning can prevent this.

As careful as you may be about what gets washed into a gully, some build-up of material is inevitable which is why we recommend gully cleaning at least every two years. Our commercial gully cleaning service in Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and London reduces the risk of gully blockages and keeps the water running quickly away through your drainage system so you can focus on your business, whether that’s housing, industrial, retail, food and beverage or providing public services.

Commercial Gully Cleaning Near Me

Get in touch with us to talk about our commercial gully cleaning service, whether you are seeking periodic maintenance or have an issue that needs attention immediately. We operate in Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and London but may be able to travel further if necessary. Our professional team will also make considerable efforts to work around your business, causing minimal disruption, whether carrying out an gully inspection, cleaning or more serious blockage.

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*We will make every effort to arrive on the same day you book, however, if the booking is made very late in the day or other circumstances prevent our team getting to you the service will be provided at the earliest opportunity the next day. Offer only applies to normal weekday working hours excludes weekend out of hours and public holidays. Excluded from this offer is Shared drains, multiple blockages on the same property Root cutting, excavations, Cleaning up the mess created by the blockage, Drain Descaling. Getting access to the drain, soil pipework or wastes pipework, locating or exposing hidden chambers, taking jetting hoses through property inspecting the drains with the camera.

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