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If you need any help with commercial drain unblocking, commercial plumbing or anything related to drainage at all then get in touch today, and we can organise a site visit to get the job done.

New Build Construction Site – Pulborough

The team undertook a planned visit to a new build construction site in Pulborough to clean the new foul and surface water drainage system. The groundwork company on the site called us in to get everything cleaned up and checked prior to hand over.

Sand and other surface building material had been washed into the drainage and caused it to block. This is a common problem on building sites and one we are very experienced in dealing with.

Once the issue had been dealt with we were asked to undertake a CCTV wincan survey to assess the condition of the drainage system.

Drainage For New School Toilet Block

Recently we were called to a private school in West Sussex. The school was having a new toilet block installed and we were tasked with connecting up the new block’s waste pipework to the main drainage system.

In order to do this we needed our civil engineering team who proceeded to cut through the tarmac and block paving, excavate the area and connect the main drainage to the new soil vent pipe. Our team is very experienced at working in schools and other public locations and work very hard to minimise noise and disruption. As with all our jobs; health and safety are paramount but especially around children and young people.

CCTV Surveys Case Study

At the Drain Guys, we have extensive experience in clearing blocked drains across the South East. We often use specialist tools to identify problems beforehand, so we can deal with the problem quickly and efficiently. One of these techniques which we usually use is a CCTV survey, which allows us to asses the blockage. This then helps us find an effective solution to remove the blockage. Take a look at one of our case studies below:

“Our high pressure water jetter works at 3000psi and flows at 8 GPM. It can be operated manually via the control panel or using radio remote. We used this today to clear a blocked rainwater drain at a country estate where the high pressure water jetter was over 90 metres from where the blockage was. We were able to clear this blockage with no problems and no safety issues as we were able to use the remote, which meant we did not need to leave a manhole open and unattended while walking back and forth.”

Petworth Drain And Clearance

Our team were called out to deal with a blocked drain for an apartment building in Petworth. After a thorough inspection of the drain, using our state-of-the-art drain camera, we were able to locate over 49 metres of roots and damages to the drain system! Because of our expert CCTV drainage surveying equipment, the owner of the property was able to have a full survey of the property. The owner then took advantage of our full reporting service and presented the report we generated for them to their insurance, this meant that dealing with the insurance became a painless process. With the insurance company signed off, the Drain Guys jumped into action and were able to perform a full root cutting, over 49 metres of drain lining and internal point repairs to get the system free flowing again.

Warehouse Drain Repairs – Commercial Drainage Case Study

We do a lot of commercial work alongside our residential jobs and these can be in a wide range of property types. On this occasion we were asked to provide a quote to work on and repair the drains in a warehouse. There was an added level to this job because we were asked to quote with an existing quote and survey from another company in place. The client felt the initial survey was not completed to the right standard and the quote was too high. While we are certainly not in the business of counter quoting the client had serious concerns about the previous quote and was very open about it.

The initial report showed there were 150 meters of lining which comprised of 4 and 6 inch pipework. The drains needed cleaning and there were 6 sectional point repairs needed. Using this we put in our quote which was certainly not the cheapest, but we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the turn around. We were awarded the job based on our predicted times, our reputation and our approach to the job.

The job itself went very well however we did encounter one issue. The original report miscalculated the length of the drains so the liners were longer than estimated. This could have caused the cost to go up and the time needed but in consultation with the client we were able to adjust other areas and complete the job on time and on budget.

What The Client Said About The Drain Guys

How did you find the service and work overall?

I found Gavin to be very friendly and approachable. He talked me through every step of the process in a jargon free manner, so I knew exactly what (and when) was going to be happening throughout the project. The work was carried out with the advised timelines and there were no issues at all during the job. The quote process from getting a quote, through to the completion of the works was very easy and efficient. I was very happy leaving everything in their hands to manage in the knowledge that I was receiving an efficient service.

How did we perform in terms of disruption to your business etc?

The team were tidy and caused no interference at all with the other projects be carried out on site.

Were there any specific issues or challenges around this job?

Whilst there were a few little variations during the work (as with any job), Gavin was able to problem solve these quickly and efficiently.

Would you be happy to recommend The Drain Guys for other Worthing or Sussex businesses?


Blocked And Slow Draining Urinals

Among a great deal of residential drain unblocking work we do we also have a lot of larger commercial customers too. We work in Schools, Care home, Offices, Universities and other large public buildings, so we come across a lot of different jobs.

The Problem

We wee recently called to a commercial customer’s building where 2 out of 3 urinals kept blocking and failing to drain properly. This was naturally a big problem and not pleasant for visitors and employees either. After some investigation we discovered the reason for the issue. It was simply that each urinal had its own mini cistern and the exiting water pressure to the room just wasn’t enough to fill each one evenly. The result? The first one would get plenty of water and the other two didn’t get enough.

The Solution

The solution was simple. We decided to install one larger cistern that could fill properly with the existing water pressure and would deliver an even flush across all three as a result. Once installed it worked perfectly first time and the customer was very pleased. The job involved removing the old cisterns, installing the new one and, of course, cleaning and repairing the walls that were left behind the old cisterns.

Plumbing In A Big American Style Fridge

There is a lot of choice out there these days when it comes to fridges. In this country it used to be simple under the counter options or fridge freeze combos. However, things have changed and the growth in popularity in the big American style double door fridges is showing no signs of going away. These monsters have ice machines, cold water taps and double doors as well as multiple compartments inside. While these fridges are good if you have the space many people don’t realise they are not simple plug and play fridges like we are used too.

Water Supply

We were recently called out to help someone who had bought a big US Style fridge and suddenly realised it needed its own mains water supply for the ice maker and water dispenser. The had failed to plan for this and the only spot the fridge could go in the kitchen was a long way from any existing water supply.

New Water Supply

We were tasked with creating a totally new water supply as there was no existing piping anywhere near. We created the new pipework underneath the existing units, set everything up and were able to get it all plumbed in and up and running in no time. This was not an easy job and took some planning but the result was worth it.

The customer now has a fully plumbed in and working American Fridge with ice machine and cold water….something they will no doubt be very pleased about in this hot weather!

While we do a great deal of work on blocked drains in HorshamWorthing, Hove and other areas we are also able to offer plumbing services. Our skilled team has year of experience in plumbing and drainage because they are often so closely linked.

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