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Drainage problems are challenging, and they can affect homeowners and commercial property owners alike. If severe clogs develop in the main sewer line, you’ll need to contact a professional to handle the blockage for you. Sewer lines transport wastewater from your property to the underground sewer mains.

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It’s something we don’t give much thought to until a blockage occurs. Main line and sewer clearance services are the best course of action to identify where the blockage is located and deal with it promptly to avoid further inconvenience, disruption and expense.

Spotting the signs of a main line blockage

The most common sign that something is wrong with your drainage system is a sink, bath, shower or toilet bowl that drains water away too slowly, or not at all. The water may start backing up out of the drain or from the toilet plumbing back into the bowl, or you might have noticed a gurgling sound coming from the pipes when appliances like washing machines or dishwashers are running.

Main line and sewer problems can become an issue in older properties and can be caused by wear and tear on the pipework from age, or from disruption to the sewer pipes from tree roots. In commercial settings, obstructions caused by oil, grease, hygiene products and other items can lead to blockages occurring which prevent efficient drainage and odours from the drains.

Main Line Sewage Blocking

Blocked sewers are unpleasant so it’s best to get in touch with a professional to handle the issue with the right equipment and understanding of how to rectify blockages swiftly. Leaving a sewer blockage can lead to serious problems, as untreated sewage could rise up from the pipe and cause damage to the interior of a building. It’s also an unhygienic problem that can be expensive to resolve.

How is sewer clearance carried out?

The Drain Guys use CCTV drain surveys to conduct an inspection of the drains and locate the blockage before using specialist equipment to remove the obstruction and pressure jet clean the pipes to remove any waste material. Depending on the damage incurred from the blockage, such as if a tree root has damaged the pipes, subsequent repairs will then be carried out to get the sewer back to working order.

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The team at The Drain Guys have a wealth of experience in main line sewer clearance and pipe inspections. If your home or business property has a drainage issue, our CCTV surveys will pinpoint and diagnose the problem so we can deal with it as effectively as possible. We’ll offer a quick and in-depth identification of the problem and resolve it quickly, with minimal disturbance to you or your business, to get the drains working properly.

For expert advice and guidance when it comes to main line and sewer clearance, CCTV drain surveys and other drainage problems, get in touch with The Drain Guys today and we’d be happy to help. We work with clients all across the South East and can help residential and commercial clients with any drainage problem you might be facing.

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*We will make every effort to arrive on the same day you book, however, if the booking is made very late in the day or other circumstances prevent our team getting to you the service will be provided at the earliest opportunity the next day. Offer only applies to normal weekday working hours excludes weekend out of hours and public holidays. Excluded from this offer is Shared drains, multiple blockages on the same property Root cutting, excavations, Cleaning up the mess created by the blockage, Drain Descaling. Getting access to the drain, soil pipework or wastes pipework, locating or exposing hidden chambers, taking jetting hoses through property inspecting the drains with the camera.

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