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We have years of experience working in educational facilities clearing drains, unblocking toilets and dealing with kitchen drainage issues

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Services for Schools & Colleges

Blocked School Drains

One of the main issues we see in schools and colleges is blocked drains. It can be caused by a number of things from people putting thick paper towels in the toilet to issues around plumbing issues and more. We are able to quickly assess the issue and get it cleared. Having a school with a drain that is not working is not only inconvenient it can also have health and safety implications and is something that needs to be fixed quickly.

Blocked Drain Clearance from just £95 + VAT

Schools & Colleges?

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Blocked School Toilets

The most common issue, by far, in schools is blocked toilets. Paper towels are often the main problem but the reality is that children do tend to put all sorts of things down the toilet.

The problems caused by a blocked toilet in a school or college can be huge. Having a non-working toilet can be a big issues but things can be even worse if water and waste are backing up and causing flooding in the building. If you have an issue call us immediately, and we can get the toilets working again and get the school back to normal.

School Kitchen Waste And Drainage

Most schools and colleges have a kitchen on site and there are a number of common issues that arise from this.

We are able to clear grease traps, and we commonly encounter drainage issues because of fat and food waste build up. We are able to identify the issue and get it cleared quickly and efficiently.

DBS & CRB Checked

Our team are all CRB checked and are fully accredited to work in places where children and young adults are present. This is not just a legal requirement but one we feel is important for our company and something we embrace. Our team are all carefully vetted to make sure we have a safe but also a well-mannered and customer-focused workforce.

Broken And Collapsed Drains

In some cases due to the age of a building and the drain system issues arise from collapsed drains and tree roots in pipes.

This is common in older schools. We can use our CCTV survey equipment to assess the damage and then advise on the correct repair process.

East, West And Mid Sussex

There are three educational authorities across Sussex, East, West and Mid. We are able to work in Schools, pre-schools nurseries and colleges in all the areas covered by these bodies as well as public schools, colleges and more.

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If you have an issue with the drains or any kind of plumbing at your educational building than get in touch today. We will prioritise the work and get to you as fast as possible.

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