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Blocked Drains Horsham

Blocked drain in Horsham? With no call out fee, we offer a fast, police and efficient service from a local and experienced company

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The Drain Guys Horsham

Welcome to The Drain Guys Horsham

Welcome to The Drain Guys Horsham

If your internal or external drainage systems are causing you a headache in Horsham, it’s The Drain Guys that you should call. We operate drain clearance in Horsham across the entire area, including Broadbridge Heath, Faygate, Mannings Heath, Christs Hospital, Southwater and Rudgwick. With a wealth of experience and no call out fees, we’ll have things free flowing again in no time, with minimal disruption.  

  • Experienced Drain Specialists
  • Fast, Polite & Effective Service
  • No Call Out Fees
  • Supporting both Domestic & Commercial Customers
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Horsham and the Surrounding Area

The Drain Guys Horsham Covers

Horsham & The Surrounding Area

Where We Work in Horsham

Areas we cover 

We know this part of mid-Sussex like the backs of our hands, which means we’re familiar with, and operate drainage services within, the following areas of Horsham and the surrounding area: 

  • Horsham town centre - including Roffey, Littlehaven, and the areas around Depot Road 
  • Faygate - for everywhere off of Faygate Lane and Park Road
  • Mannings Heath - including Pound Lane, Church Road, Golding Lane and Winterpit Lane
  • Christs Hospital - including The Avenue and The Quarter Mile 
  • Rudgwick - including Woodfield Road and Lynwick Street
  • Southwater - including Cedar Drive, Cripplegate Lane and Station Road
  • Broadbridge Heath - Covering the whole estate 
Fast, Polite & Effective Service in Horsham
Blocked Drain Clearance from just £95 + VAT

Blocked Drains in Horsham

Get support fast from The Drain Guys Horsham, your trusted drain specialists with many years of experience

The Drain Guys

Repairing Blocked Drains In Horsham And Surrounding Areas

Clearing blocked drains in Horsham

Blocked drains can cause all sorts of problems in the home or business, whether you live or operate in central Horsham, or on the rural outskirts. Regardless of the problem, you can rely on The Drain Guys Horsham to diagnose it and, in most cases, fix it there and then. If it’s a more complex issue, we’ll get a plan put together so you can be assured of the next steps. 

How do we fix blocked drains?

The way we go about drain clearing in Horsham depends on the cause, but it can usually be tackled in one of the following three ways: 

High pressure jet clearing and cleaning

High precision jets can blast through many blockages, such as those caused by a build up of kitchen grease, oil and fat. 

No-dig drain lining

Offering no-dig drain repairs in Horsham means we’re able to repair damaged drainage systems without causing disruption by excavation. We apply a lining inside the drain to seal any breaches, and get the system back to full working order. 


Occasionally, there’s no option but to dig, but rest assured that if this is the case, the disruption will be kept to a minimum, and a fix implemented as quickly as possible. 

CCTV Drain surveys in Horsham

To accurately diagnose blockages and the need for drain repairs in Horsham, we can utilise CCTV surveys, which give us a clear view of what the problem is. If a CCTV survey is needed at your property or business premises, we’ll let you know and explain how everything works, including the costs involved. 

Residential drain services in Horsham

Home buyers drain surveys

When you purchase a property, hidden issues with the drainage system can catch you out - and cost you lots to fix. We provide peace of mind to prospective property buyers with home buyers drain surveys in Horsham, giving the system a once over to identify anything that could bite in the future. 

Toilet unblocking

It’s unpleasant, inconvenient, and sometimes dangerous; a blocked toilet is never ideal! The Drain Guys can attend swiftly to clear block toilets in Horsham, allowing you to get back to your day. 

Sink unblocking

Our sinks handle a lot, but it can mean that kitchen waste builds up and causes a blockage. If you notice that your sink is slow to drain, backing up, or smelling unpleasant, it’s time to call The Drain Guys. 

Bath and shower unblocking

A blocked bath or shower can cause huge inconvenience, but The Drain Guys keeps it to a minimum by getting out to you quickly, and getting things moving again, so that you can enjoy your daily soak. 

Business and commercial drain services in Horsham

From standing water caused by blocked external drains, to toilet and urinal unblocking, The Drain Guys are more than happy to attend your business premises in and around Horsham to solve your drainage problems. 

We’re also able to help on a larger scale, taking on drainage works, repairs and maintenance at commercial and public buildings such as: 

Why choose The Drain Guys?

With years of experience under our belts, all the equipment we need ready to go, and a fair approach to pricing, you’ll always get a thorough, honest service from The Drain Guys in Horsham. It’s our pleasure to resolve what can be a worrying and inconvenient issue in a quick and effective way, and impart some of our knowledge to help prevent the issue reoccurring. For drain clearance in Horsham, we’re the guys to call

Horsham FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions
for Horsham

How Long Will It Take To Clear?

It depends on the situation but on average it takes between 30 minutes and two hours to clear a blocked drain.

Do You Charge A Call Out Fee?

No, we have a fixed price for standard blockages on domestic properties we will tell you the price over the phone. However, if anything more serious needs to be done we will discuss everything with you before any costs are incurred. We feel honesty and clarity of service are at the heart of what we do so if your blocked drain turns out to be something more serious you will be on control of what work, if any, is done and when.

I Have A Blockage Is My Drain Collapsed?

It’s unlikely but it is possible. We would quickly discover this when we start attempting to unblock the drain.  We have years of experience and soon know if there is a bigger issue.

My Drains Are Next To A Tree Could It Be Roots?

Yes if you have a tree next to your drains there is always the possibility of root intrusion or root ingress.

Can you unblock external drains?

Yes, we can - if you notice standing water or foul smells emitting from your external drain, it’s time to give us a call

How can I stop my sink from blocking up?

You can prevent blockages by clearing food waste into a bin, avoiding putting grease, fat, or oil down the sink, and making a small investment in a sink strainer, to catch pesky food particles. 

Can you attend rural areas?

Yes, we’ll come out to you even if you’re out in the sticks - there are some beautiful rural areas around Horsham, and it’s always a pleasure to visit them. 

What do you charge to attend?

Nothing! We’ll only charge you for the work we complete, not simply for our attendance. 

Is a CCTV survey always required?

Not always, sometimes it’s an obvious fix. If we do need to take a closer look, we’ll let you know beforehand. 

When can you attend?

We operate 24/7, and we’ll be able to give you an accurate time frame for our arrival. We’ll do our best to attend ASAP.

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