Blocked Urinal

Blocked or Clogged urinals are annoyingly common on industrial and commercial premises as the hardening of lime scale can cause draining to slow and the basin to clog. No business, school or shared space wants toilets that are out of order, so call us in, and we’ll get them sorted quickly and effectively.

Blocked Urinals can easily occur due to an excessive build-up of limescale. Because limescale isn’t water-soluble, it hardens over time and builds up in the parts of the urinal which can’t be easily reached. A clogged urinal in a commercial property’s is potentially something that could cost customers and money. Blocked urinals could also be an indicator of a blocked drain which is a different issue. Our team will look into this if we feel it may be a factor. The Drain Guys understand this and can deal with any blockages quickly and easily, leaving your pipes limescale free, hygienic and efficient.

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Blocked Urinal in West Sussex

If you have a blocked urinal in West Sussex, call The Drain Guys today. Blocked urinals are a very common problem at commercial and industrial premises, and we understand the need to get the issue sorted as soon as possible. We deal with any problems quickly and efficiently to have your system up and running again before it causes too much disruption. We work across Brighton, Burgess Hill, Bognor Regis and further afield.

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