Blocked or Clogged Sink Sussex

Struggling with a blocked sink in East or West Sussex? Whether it’s clogged, draining very slowly or not at all, it can be a real problem that causes all sorts of aggravation and frustration. Call in The Drain Guys, and we will get the issue fixed and get your sink working properly again in no time.

Sink blockages are one of the most common household drainage issues, and they are something that you can count on The Drain Guys to solve. Our experienced professionals can help you with any kind of sink blockage – we work across Sussex, so get in contact with us today by calling on 07703 193 746 and we will get your sink unblocked as soon as possible. Your blocked sink may be an indication of something more serious like a blocked drain.

Blocked or Clogged Sink Sussex 1

Clogged Sink in West Sussex

Just about anything can find its way down your sink – especially if you have children. The problem is that anything from food, grease, cotton buds, wet wipes and more can get down the plughole and then become stuck. This clogs the sink and can lead to slow-draining water and unpleasant smells throughout your kitchen.

We use specialist equipment to flush out any blockages and can also provide with guidance on the root cause of the problem and how to avoid future issues.

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Get in touch with us today to deal with your blocked sink. We are happy to work everywhere from private homes to commercial premises – any time you’ve got a sink that needs to be unblocked, we can deal with it.

The Drain Guys work right across Sussex and the South East. We’ve been called to deal with blocked sinks throughout the region including in Brighton, Hove, Worthing, Haywards Heath, Chichester and more so don’t hesitate to get in contact today.

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