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No Dig Drain Repairs in Sussex and Surrey

As independent professionals with years of experience, The Drain Guys are proud to be your local team for no-dig drain repairs across Surrey and Sussex.

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No Dig Drain Repairs

No-dig, or trenchless drain repairs are the fastest and most efficient way to repair damaged drains. Because they require no excavation, the whole process can be undertaken cleanly and effectively, and with minimal disruption to your building or the environment.

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No Dig Drain Repairs?

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What is a no-dig drain repair?

The standout feature of a no-dig drain repair is of course that no excavation is needed to complete it; it’s all done via CCTV and clever resin relining to fix defects within a drainage system, like a crack. 

When is a no-dig drain repair necessary?

When the location of a drain defect is tricky to access manually, and minimising disruption is a priority, no-dig drain repairs become not only a necessary solution, but a favourable one. The good news is that no-dig drain repairs are available on the majority of UK drains.

What costs are involved with no-dig drain repair?

The costs of a no-dig drain repair are reduced in comparison to a full excavation, as you might expect. However, the exact price of the repair will depend on the surveys required initially, the location of the defect, and the time and materials required to fix it. 

Structural lining

Structural lining is one of the most popular methods of no-dig drain repair, allowing the placing of new pipes without any need for excavation.

Because the lining is joint-free, this tried and tested method makes root intrusion significantly less likely to happen, and the whole process can be undertaken with minimal fuss or disruption to your home or workplace. The Drain Guys are also able to line clay drains to prevent further damage, minimising the risk of subsidence or leakage.

Local structural drain repair

The Drain Guys believe in honesty and transparency, so we’ll never replace an entire pipe if the damage is only in one area.

Local structural repairs are an effective, permanent and totally watertight solution to drain damage, which can solve your problems in the most cost-effective way possible. All The Drain Guys’ local structural repairs are thoroughly tested to WRc standards, so they’re just as reliable as they are economical. 

What are the benefits of no-dig drain repairs?

Clean and convenient 

It’s fair to say that excavation demands more than a little messy disruption to both your life, and the environment around the defect, but with no-dig drain repairs, no inconvenient digging is necessary.


By and large, no-dig drain repairs work out cheaper than excavation, due to the reduced time frames, and the eliminated need for heavy equipment. 


The use of a strong and resilient resin to line the drain and repair cracks means that a no-dig drain repair can last up to 50 years. 


The turnaround time for a no-dig drain repair is very different to an excavation; it can take hours, not days!  

What is the no-dig drain repair process?

The no-dig drain process will usually start with a CCTV drain survey, and this handy CCTV equipment is used throughout to ensure an accurate and successful fix. A liner impregnated with resin is inserted into the drain, directed to the affected area, and expanded, leaving a resin lining that effectively seals the drain. 

What areas do we cover?

 We’re proud to offer no-dig drain repairs in Surrey and Sussex, including the following towns and cities, and their surrounding areas: 

Commercial no-dig drain repair

Repairing drains isn’t just a domestic undertaking for us; we can also handle commercial repairs too. We know how important it is for drainage issues to be repaired quickly, discreetly, and with minimal disruption to a commercial setting, so it’s our pleasure to use no-dig drain lining to get everything up and running again. Some of the sectors we work with include:

Why choose The Drain Guys?

If you require no-dig drain repairs in Surrey, Sussex and South London, The Drain Guys are the experts that you can rely on. No-dig repairs are the fastest way to deal with any drain problems, as it removes the need for excavation, and fixes the problem effectively, and with as little disruption as possible.

We have years of experience in handling no-dig drain linings, and can deal with no-dig drain repairs on both residential and commercial sites. We can complete jobs everywhere from Bognor Regis to Burgess Hill and beyond - give us a call!


Frequently Asked Questions
about No Dig Drain Repairs

How will you know if the drain needs a no-dig drain repair?

We’ll use CCTV equipment to complete a survey first - this way, we’re able to see exactly what needs fixing. 

I think there’s a problem with my drain - do you charge for callouts?

We’ll only charge for work completed, not simply for attending - we’ll always quote costs to you beforehand, so that you know what you can expect to pay. 

Can you attend rural areas?

There are many beautiful rural areas of Surrey and Sussex, and while some are trickier to get to, this doesn’t stop us attending - just give us a call.

Are no-dig drain repairs always possible?

There’s always an outside chance that a drain may need to be repaired via excavation, so while we do no-dig drain repairs when we can, we’re also experienced in excavation repairs too. We’ll always discuss the options with you before any work is completed. 

Can you line clay drains?

Yes, we can line clay drains. 

Can no-dig drain repairs restore a collapsed drain?

In some cases, this can be possible, but it depends on the location and severity of the collapse. 

Do The Drain Guys operate 24/7?

Our emergency response is available out of hours, so call us any time of the day or night if your drainage issue cannot wait. 

Can I see the CCTV survey?

Of course, we’re happy to show you what the problem is.

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