No Dig Drain Repairs

No-Dig, or Trench-less drain repairs are the fastest and most efficient way to repair damaged drains. Because they require no excavation, the whole process can be undertaken cleanly and effectively, and with minimal disruption to your building or the environment.

Structural Lining

Structural lining is one of the most popular methods of No-Dig Drain Repairs, allowing the placing of new pipes without any need for excavation. Because the lining is joint-free, this tried and tested method makes root intrusion significantly less likely to happen, and the whole process can be undertaken with minimal fuss or disruption to your home or workplace.

The Drain Guys are also able to line clay drains to prevent further damage, minimizing the risk of subsidence or leakage.

Drain Guys Van parked next to a drain unblocking job

Local Structural Repair

The Drain Guys believe in honesty and transparency so will never replace an entire pipe if the damage is only in one area. Local Structural Repairs are an effective, permanent and totally watertight solution to drain damage which will solve your problems in the most cost effective way possible. All The Drain Guys’ Local Structural Repairs are thoroughly tested to WRc standards, so they’re just as reliable as they are economical.

No-Dig Drain Repairs are available on the majority of UK drains.

No Dig Drain Repairs in West Sussex

If you require no dig drain repairs in West Sussex, The Drain Guys are the experts you need to call. No dig repairs are the fastest way to deal with any drain problems, as it removes the need for excavation with as little disruption as possible. We can deal with no dig drain repairs on both residential and commercial sites, completing jobs everywhere from Bognor Regis to Burgess Hill.

Call us today on 07703 193 746 for assistance with No Dig Drain Repairs or any of our services.

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