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Blocked Drain Clearance in Worthing. Friendly local, independent company with years of experience.

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The Drain Guys Worthing

Welcome to The Drain Guys Worthing

Welcome to The Drain Guys Worthing

Whilst we all love living by the sea in sunny Worthing, it’s water of another kind that can cause us issues in our homes and businesses, and that’s the type that inhabits our drainage systems. When something’s blocking that flow, we’re the guys to call; The Drain Guys Worthing can attend swiftly, with everything we need on board to fix your drainage problem. 

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The Worthing Drain Specialists

Clearing blocked drains in Worthing

Blocked drains can cause hassle and inconvenience within our homes and businesses - we know that’s been the case for many across Worthing and the surrounding areas. Regardless, though, of whether it’s a blocked toilet, standing water, or a slow draining sink, you can rely on us to carry out drain clearance in Worthing that will get things flowing again ASAP.


Blocked Drain Clearance from just £95 + VAT

Blocked Drains in Worthing

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Blocked Drain Solutions

Repairing Blocked Drains In Worthing

How do we clear blocked drains?

The methods used to clear a blocked drain will depend on the cause, but they will generally fit into one of the four categories: 

High pressure jet clearing and cleaning

Using high powered precision jets that they carry on their vans, our team can blast through blockages quickly and easily. This is particularly effective on blockages caused by grease and fat. 

No-dig drain lining

If a drainage system needs repairing, the digger isn’t our immediate go-to. First, we’ll do our best to implement a no-dig drain lining, which sees us line a drain breach with a lining we can apply without digging. No hassle, no fuss! This is how we go about drain repair in Worthing. 


Sometimes, excavation is the only option, but in these cases, we’ll make sure that the problem has been accurately diagnosed, and a plan put together to minimise inconvenience and disruption. 

Areas we cover

We cover the length and breadth of Worthing and the surrounding areas, including: 

  • BN11 - This covers central and south east Worthing, including Heene, Splash Point, and Lyndhurst Road.
  • BN12 - This covers Goring, Goring-by-Sea, Ferring, and the southern portion of Durrington.
  • BN13 - This covers most of Durrington, including Maybridge, Salvington, and West Tarring, as well as Clapham, Patching and Long Furlong. 
  • BN14 - This covers north east Worthing, Broadwater, South Farm Road, Lyons Farm, Findon Valley, and Findon Village. 
  • BN15 - This covers Sompting, Lancing, North Lancing, and Brooklands. 
  • BN16 - Covering Angmering, East Preston, Rustington, and the Sea, Kingston and Angmering-on-Sea estates. 

CCTV drain surveys in Worthing

The magic of technology now means that we’re able to diagnose drainage problems without always having to get in and take a look ourselves. This is thanks to the CCTV equipment we can use to identify what a blockage is caused by, and where it is. We’re proud to offerCCTV drain surveys in Worthing, and our local customers will attest to it being a very handy service indeed. 

Residential drain services in Worthing

Home buyers drain surveys

If you’re buying a house in Worthing, do you know what state the drains are in? Our home buyers drain surveys serve exactly this purpose; informing you of any issues with the drains that may otherwise come back to bite you once you’ve got the keys.  

Toilet unblocking

Unblocking toilets in Worthing is something we do regularly, and you can never underestimate the relief when we resolve these inconvenient and downright unpleasant occurrences. If your toilet is blocked, give The Drain Guys a call. 

Sink unblocking

Sinks can become blocked by grease, fat, oil and food making its way down the plug hole; it’s common, and we see it a lot. We’ll attend to not only unblock your sink, but suggest ways in which you can prevent the same thing happening again in the future. 

Bath and shower unblocking

Don’t let a slow draining or, even worse, a blocked bath or shower ruin your day; The Drain Guys know their stuff when it comes to unblocking baths and showers. 

Business and commercial drain services in Worthing

Commercial drainage system maintenance, repair and clearance is something The Drain Guys Worthing can also handle, from pre-planned maintenance, to the unblocking of commercial kitchen sinks, showers and urinals. This could, for example, be at a school, university, care home, shop, warehouse or office block.

Why choose The Drain Guys?

Choosing The Drain Guys for drainage clearance in Worthing means you’re entrusting the resolution of your drainage problems to the experts. With years of experience behind us and the right equipment for a variety of issues to hand, we attend as quickly as possible, without charging you for the callout alone. Our fees are based on the work we carry out, not just our attendance. So don't wait, get in touch with us today for all your drainage problems.

Worthing FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions
for Worthing

How Long Will It Take To Clear?

It depends on the situation but on average it takes between 30 minutes and two hours to clear a blocked drain.

Do You Charge A Call Out Fee?

No, we have a fixed price for standard blockages on domestic properties we will tell you the price over the phone. However, if anything more serious needs to be done we will discuss everything with you before any costs are incurred. We feel honesty and clarity of service are at the heart of what we do so if your blocked drain turns out to be something more serious you will be on control of what work, if any, is done and when.

I Have A Blockage Is My Drain Collapsed?

It’s unlikely but it is possible. We would quickly discover if there is a bigger issue when we start attempting to unblock the drain.

My Drains Are Next To A Tree Could It Be Roots?

Yes if you have a tree next to your drains there is always the possibility of root intrusion or root ingress.

How can I prevent a blocked drain?

Some blockages are beyond your control, but the best way to minimise them is to be careful what you put down sinks and toilets. Only put pee, poo and paper down the toilet, and dispose of food waste, fat and grease in the bin, not down the sink. 

Can I use The Drain Guys if I live outside of Worthing?

If you live in the surrounding areas, such as Ferring, Lancing Findon, Sompting or Patching, we can of course attend. We cover rural properties too! 

How long does it take to clear a blocked drain?

A simple blockage could be cleared in as little as half an hour, but some more complex blockages could take up to 2 hours. 

Could my drain be collapsed, or affected by tree roots?

Both of these problems aren’t all that common, but they can happen. The best thing is not to panic - we’ll be able to diagnose the problem soon, and if it is one of these things that’s happened, we’ll put a plan in place to fix it. 

Will I need a CCTV drain survey?

We’ll attempt diagnostics without one, but often they’re the best way to pinpoint a problem. If we do need to use CCTV equipment, we’ll discuss the process and the costs with you before anything goes ahead. 

How can I tell if my drain is blocked?

Both internal and external drains could exhibit slow drainage (or none at all), foul smells, and standing water; any of these symptoms should prompt a call to The Drain Guys.

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