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Commercial Drainage Services

Commercial Services in Sussex and Surrey

We are a Commercial Drainage Contractor based in Sussex. We provide a wide range of services for commercial partners right across Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, and London – call today for a free, no obligation quote

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What we Offer

Our Commercial Drainage Services

Our Services:

The Drain Guys

Commercial Drainage Specialists

Because the team work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, The Drain Guys can undertake all maintenance and emergency work at a time that suits you, causing minimal disruption to your business or commercial property whether it’s housing, retail or any other kind of premises. 

The Drain Guys are trusted by a huge range of commercial partners and provide ongoing maintenance for, catering and food preparation units, restaurants and pubs, schools, care homes, industrial & commercial buildings, shopping centres and leisure centres. We also work with block management and facilities management companies providing drainage services for tennents. We are able to deal with blocked commercial drains, plumbing issues and more. In the commercial sector time is everything, and we are used to working quickly, efficiently and in sympathy with the organisation we are working for. This means our teams are polite, discreet, and very aware that working within another business is something to be done with care and respect. We also work with developers for site drain cleaning and preparation during construction and after.

Pre-Planned Drainage Maintenance

We work with a wide range of commercial clients offering full a drain maintenance service.

This pre-planned service means we can keep on top of any drainage issues that may develop.The service includes clearance and checking for root ingress, blockages and buildups as well as cracked and damaged drains.  Keep your commercial drains working and stay on top of any issues with our pre-planned drain maintenance service. 

Facilities And Block Management

As with most commercial environments, a blocked or damaged drain in a commercial building run by an FM company can be a big problem. Tenants, customers and visitors are all effected so facilities management companies are looking for a fast and reliable solution. We work with a range of FM companies as well as block management companies in providing commercial drainage services. 

We are on hand for blocked toilets, showers, sinks and more. We can also offer routine preventative maintenance to avoid issues happening in the first place. 

Hotels And Restaurants

We understand that the service industry is based on meeting the needs of guests and when toilets are not working properly for example it can cause serious harm to the business.

We offer a rapid response service for hotels and restaurants to deal with blocked toilets, blocked urinals as well as blocked sinks, and other drainage issues. We will get the problem solved quickly, discreetly, and with as little disruption as possible.

We also offer a grease trap cleaning service for restaurants, hotels, pubs, and other catering businesses. We have many years of experience in clearing grease traps efficiently and effectively so get in touch today and book your appointment.

We are on hand to deal with any restaurant drain issues, hotel drainage problems, and much more.

Housing Associations

We are on hand for housing associations to assist and fix a wide range of issues.

Blocked drains can be a real problem for tenants, causing problems in the flats and apartments as well as larger problems if there are issues in the main sewers and drains. We are able to act quickly and get the issue fixed so tenants are not inconvenienced.

Housing associations are normally responsible for drainage on their property and as such must get issues dealt with quickly. We use CCTV surveys to find out what the problem is and then a number of different tools to remove any blockages, isolate any drain damage and even do the repairs.

Leisure Facilities

Leisure centres, swimming pools, soft play, climbing centres and many others all have toilet facilities, showers, and other services that customers expect to be working.

A blocked drain in a shower area is a real problem, and we are on call to fix this kind of thing quality and efficiently. Gym members expect toilets and showers to be working and when they get blocked they also expect them to be fixed fast!

If you have a drainage problem at your leisure facility then get in touch today and our team will be there to get things moving again with minimal disruption to your customers.

Letting Agents

In many cases letting agents are the first people tenets call if they have a drainage issue. Many letting agents offer a maintenance service to property owners, and we work with a number of agents in providing drainage services for rented properties.

Whether it’s a simple blocked toilet or shower, a leaking pipe or something more serious like an underlying blocked drain on the street we can help. Our team is experienced in dealing with tenants directly as well as working on vacant properties about to be let.

If would like to discuss contract work for your letting agency please get in touch today. We also do single call out work when needed.

ACO Drain Cleaning Surrey and West Sussex

ACO drains are one of the most popular channel drainage systems available, but regular cleaning and maintenance is essential to keep them hygienic and fully functioning. ACO drains, also known as channel drains, can be incredibly useful in the right environment by removing wastewater from hardstanding areas like car parks and other paved surfaces, but they can also pose their own maintenance challenges.

View ACO Drain Cleaning Surrey and West Sussex

Commercial Drain Cleaning and Desilting

One of the most effective ways to prevent drainage problems in a property or developement is to have them cleaned regularly to prevent blockages and a build-up of silt. Silt is a common issue in public drains and sewers that are put under immense stress every day. Our cleaning and desilting services keep drains, pipes and sewers running freely to avoid flooding and other issues from developing. We can work on any property, from smaller pipe systems to industrial drainage and mains sewers.

View Commercial Drain Cleaning and Desilting

Commercial Drain Repair

As a business, your premises need to remain functioning not only for your benefit but also your staff and customers. Drainage issues can cause major disruption to your operations and can contribute to a loss of revenue. Our commercial drain repair services provide a quick and professional resolution to the problem to ensure you can keep working within minimal disturbance.

View Commercial Drain Repair

Commercial Gully Cleaning

A blocked gully can cause all sorts of problems in a commercial setting. When a gully becomes blocked, as they often do, this interrupts the flow of wastewater into sewage systems. If this happens you can be faced with a backup of wastewater which can make its way into your property causing leaks and extensive damage. We are highly experienced in commercial gully cleaning and are available, across Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and London, for both maintenance services and emergency callouts should your gully become blocked.

View Commercial Gully Cleaning

Commercial Unblocking

Drains play a vital role in keeping your business running smoothly, and a blockage can cause issues for your property. Without free-flowing drains, your staff and customers wouldn’t have access to sinks, toilets, showers or kitchen facilities, so keeping them well maintained is an essential part of property maintenance.

View Commercial Unblocking

Drain Mapping

If you’re planning on carrying out building work on a commercial property, such as adding in an extension, or new developement a drain mapping survey is essential to comprehend the layout of the drainage system and avoid costly complications further down the line. We have extensive experience in drain mapping and are able to carry out in-depth, accurate CCTV surveys of the system for builders and architects to make use of when planning layouts and construction projects.

View Drain Mapping

Main Line and Sewer Clearance

Drainage problems are challenging, and they can affect homeowners and commercial property owners alike. If severe clogs develop in the main sewer line, you’ll need to contact a professional to handle the blockage for you. Sewer lines transport wastewater from your property to the underground sewer mains.

View Main Line and Sewer Clearance

Pipe Lining and Drain Excavation Repairs

Often, areas of underground piping can become defective, allowing solid materials to catch and lead to blockages, or water to escape and cause flooding. If you suspect that a pipe in your home or commercial property has become damaged or cracked, The Drain Guys can help.

View Pipe Lining and Drain Excavation Repairs

Commercial Pump Repair and Service

The Drain Guys offer commercial pump repairs and services to businesses across the South East of England. If you experience an issue with your sewage, sump, cellar or any other type of pump, we can help diagnose the issue and come up with a solution that’s best for your business.

View Commercial Pump Repair and Service

Drain Unblocking Across Sussex, Surrey And London

Do you need help unblocking anything in West Sussex? The Drain Guys are here for you. Dealing with virtually any sort of blockage in your pipes, drains, sink or toilet, we can deal with jobs of all sizes. We work on both residential and commercial premises, so don’t hesitate to get in contact if you need something unblocked. We complete jobs across West Sussex, everywhere from Brighton and Haywards Heath to Littlehampton and Bognor Regis.

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