Blocked Saniflo

A blocked Saniflo can cause stress and disruption to your daily routine; it’s something that you’ll want to get sorted as soon as possible. We are ready to come straight to your home or business and get the clogged system up and running quickly with minimal disruption and cost.

Everyday items like sanitary towels, wet wipes and too much toilet paper can cause Saniflo systems to block and clog, creating chaos and mess. The Drain Guys can quickly clear any blockages to get your system back in working order with minimal stress and disruption.

Saniflo offer a great range of products that certainly make installing a toilet in garages and garden offices far easier. But they, just like other toilet systems, are not able to cope with huge amounts of paper the other waste. Rather than attempt to fix it yourself it is easier and safer to get in touch with us and let us deal with the issue. We will assess the level of blockage in your Saniflo and get it back up and running quickly and simply with minimal disruption.

blocked saniflo

Blocked Saniflo in West Sussex

The Drain Guys can sort out any problems with a blocked  or clogged Saniflo in West Sussex. We work quickly and efficiently to deal with blockages and have your system running properly again as soon as we can. We are available for work all across West Sussex and into East Sussex too – you can call us out to Brighton, Hove, Littlehampton, Burgess Hill, Bognor Regis and more. Call us  on 07703 193 746 or take a look at our Contact page for more information on how to get in touch with us today.

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