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If you’re planning on carrying out building work on a commercial property, such as adding in an extension, or new developement a drain mapping survey is essential to comprehend the layout of the drainage system and avoid costly complications further down the line. We have extensive experience in drain mapping and are able to carry out in-depth, accurate CCTV surveys of the system for builders and architects to make use of when planning layouts and construction projects.

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What is commercial drain mapping?

Drain mapping is investigative work that needs completing before a construction project can begin. Architects and construction workers need to know exactly where drains and pipework is located, before they can start building, as this can cause considerable difficulties later on and could result in expensive repairs being required if damage is incurred.

We carry out drain mapping via our CCTV drainage surveys which is an unobtrusive but effective way to accurately map the sewage and drainage system, which our team can use to create a detailed plan of the system including drain runs, manholes and water flow direction. The footage and images taken will be recorded and made available to you, along with advice and guidance on the best way to keep the drains running smoothly.

This survey will then be used by architects and builders to keep the building work running smoothly. Drain mapping is a cost-effective, accurate way to ensure you’re building in the right areas, so you don’t cause damage to the drainage infrastructure.

Why is drain mapping necessary?

With continual developments within the construction industry and buildings constantly being changed and renovated, up-to-date plans can be difficult to obtain. With our drain mapping services, you can be sure that any planned construction work won’t cause damage to the drains and pipes, resulting in the need to repair the pipework.

Drain mapping gives you a clear overview of the state of drainage in a given area – it’s a property owner’s responsibility to inspect the infrastructure before building work takes place. Mapping surveys will make it clear whether a ‘build over’ agreement is needed. Whether used for an existing project or a new build, a map of the drainage system is a key component of the build.

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Commercial drain mapping is a necessity before most commercial building work can commence. With The Drain Guys’ services, you’ll have a clear, in-depth map of the drains and sewers so you can plan your build more efficiently and avoid damaging the drainage infrastructure during construction.

We’ll ensure that the survey is carried out quickly and hassle-free, so as not to disrupt your routine. Our team are fully qualified and trained to carry out surveys safely and in accordance with the latest legislation and best practices.

To book a drain mapping survey for your property, contact The Drain Guys today or get in touch if you have any further questions about our processes and other services.

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*We will make every effort to arrive on the same day you book, however, if the booking is made very late in the day or other circumstances prevent our team getting to you the service will be provided at the earliest opportunity the next day. Offer only applies to normal weekday working hours excludes weekend out of hours and public holidays. Excluded from this offer is Shared drains, multiple blockages on the same property Root cutting, excavations, Cleaning up the mess created by the blockage, Drain Descaling. Getting access to the drain, soil pipework or wastes pipework, locating or exposing hidden chambers, taking jetting hoses through property inspecting the drains with the camera.

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