Drain Surveys Sussex

We offer a range of drain survey services to homes and commercial properties across Sussex. We have years of experience in surveying and assessing drains for damage, potential issues and also using CCTV and other techniques to find out the cause of any blockages and slow water movement.

Based in West Sussex we are able to come out to homes right across the county and provide fast and effective drain surveys. We also offer a commercial service to business properties, care homes, schools, leisure centres and more.

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Why Do I Need a Drain Survey?

The reasons for needing a drain survey can be very varied indeed. In many cases we are called to a home or business where they have already paid another company to clear a blocked drain only to find the issue reoccurring only weeks later. It at this point a survey is needed to really assess why the issue is happening and how it can be stopped permanently. Often a drain survey should be carried out first if there is an indication of a deeper problem than just a blockage but this is sadly not always done. By using CCTV and fully surveying the drain we are able to give a clear reason and remedy for the situation. We can identify things like broken pipe, tree root issues, vermin infestations and more.

CCTV Drain Survey

We use state of the art CCTV technology to see what is going on in the drain. By using very a very small camera on a long pole we are able to get into drains as small as 50mm wide. The images are high quality and allow us to clearly spot the issue and then start planning a solution. Where once it was a case of keep trying to clear a drain we you can now save time and money by opting for a CCTV survey before any further remedial action is taken.

Home Buyers Drain Survey

Buying a house or business property is a big deal for most people; yet most of us fail to get the drains checked before signing on the dotted line. While almost everyone will get a home buyers survey on the home itself or a full building survey many people fail to think about some potential unseen issues like blocked or damaged drains. Finding out about these issues after purchasing the property can be costly, so we offer a home buyers drain survey for people looking to buy a home or business property across Sussex. By assessing the drains as well as the rest of the home the property purchase can go ahead with the peace of mind there are no nasty surprises ahead.

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