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Have I Got A Collapsed Drain?

We see a lot of different issues with drains as you might imagine. However, one of the worst things that can happen to a properties drains is a collapse. The problem with a collapsed drain, apart from the repair issue, is actually knowing it has happened. Below are a few signs you may need to get us in to have a look. We are able to use CCTV technology to survey the drain, and identify the issue.

Slow Drains

Although certainly not just a sign of a collapse if all your drainage seems to slow quite quickly over a couple of days then it is a strong sign part of the drain could have collapsed. Blockages tend to build slowly unless it is a single item which is causing the issue.

Sewage Smell

Again, not a fool proof sign but if you can smell waste in the garden and even in the house it could well be from the fact the drain is simply not working at all. But rather than backing up the waste water may be leaking out into the foundations and surrounding substrate.


Another issue related to the previous sign is signs of damp appearing. Because the waste water is not leaving the property, it may well cause damp patches to appear around the house. These may be found on the floor or walls; damp can be caused by various things but combined with other symptoms mentioned here could be a strong clue about a collapse.

Extreme Signs

If a collapsed drain is left for a long time there are a number of more extreme signs you may see. These are important if you are viewing a new property because you may not be able to asses when the other issues started. One sign is cracking and damage to the building, the end result of this can be subsidence. This is caused where the water is leaking into the foundations for a long period of time. It can undermine the structural integrity of the building itself but also driveways and patios. You may see cracking in the walls, but look out for cracked driveways too.

Ultimately if you have a drain issue it is best to call us because catching things early is always the key. The best case is that it’s a simple blockage that we can fix easily. It may even be a damaged pipe where a root has finally grown through; whatever it is we can help. But if it is a collapse it is critical we identify it and help organise remedial work as soon as possible.

Contact our friendly team today if you are concerned about your drains.

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