Hot Weather Can Be Bad for Drains

dried cracked earth

If you think about drain problems you will probably be thinking about flooding during heavy rain, autumn leaves causing blockages and more things related. You would, of course be correct but its not just bad weather that has an impact. No, hot weather can damage your drains and cause problems too!

Summer 2019

It is fair to say we have had some wet British summer holiday days this year we have also had a couple of bouts of extreme heat. These events are said to become more likely and as they do we will become more aware of some issues.

Hot Pipes

A lot of our draining pipes are made of plastic. This piping is also often exposed to the outside and in very hot weather they can fracture and crack. The UV light from long spells of sun can cause the plastic to become brittle but the heat itself can cause them to split. But it’s not just plastic pipes, if the ground gets extremely dry it can crack and fracture which can put strain on drainage pipes under the surface. In some very rare cases tarmac surfaces can melt and it is not unheard of for this to expose underground pipes which could be damaged.

Hot Houses

While not directly drainage related there is some evidence to suggest that extreme heat can also cause damage to the building itself and even lead to subsidence. It is not common but subsidence can have a knock-on effect to drains and pipework.

What Can You Do?

Sadly there is very little you can do about the heat causing issues with pipes cracking or subsidence. It is just something to keep an eye out for rather than try to prevent. Trying to keep your external pipes cool would be a waste of time and energy. Some good news is that dry periods are perfect for any kind of drain repairs so if you do see something then give us a call, and we can get it fixed without having to work around snow or terrible weather.

Drain Health

One thing you can do to avoid blocked drains in Summer storms or as the Autumn comes along is to keep them clear. It may not seem very important in the Summer but there is often a lot of dust around, trips to the beach can mean lots of sand being washed into drains too. When it doesn’t rain for a long time then suddenly pours down you would be surprised at how much muck and dirt can be washed into drains. Keep an eye on your drains and clear out any dried leaves and moss you may see. Try to bang off as much sand as possible on the lawn rather than washing off inside or out!

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