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How to prevent a clogged sink

Read our TOP tips on how to prevent your sink from getting clogged up

  • Wednesday, 10 January 2024 3:07 pm
  • Jack Stonehouse
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Something that crops up a lot for us drainage experts are blocked sinks - they can be very frustrating indeed, inconveniencing you as you try to go about your day. Because they see so much action on a day-to-day basis, our sinks are prone to bearing the brunt of our busy lives, particularly when it comes to the kitchen. This can lead to blockages that need time, effort and, often, money to get cleared.

The good news is that clogged sinks are preventable, provided that you’re mindful about your sink’s daily use. In this article we’ll be sharing our tips on how to prevent a clogged sink, as well as exploring what you should do if you suspect that your sink is blocked.

How can you prevent a clogged sink?

Bin your food waste

If you do your washing up in the sink, it’s essential to scrape food waste left on plates into the bin, and not rely upon the washing up water to take it away. Chances are that these particles would otherwise get stuck in your drainage system, accumulating to form a blockage. 

Invest in a sink strainer 

Sink strainers catch what your scraping efforts miss, catching even small particles of food as you tip your washing up water away. They fit over your plug hole, and can be emptied into the bin when food gets caught by them. Sink strainers are often metal, fairly inexpensive, and can be bought online or from hardware stores. 

Don’t pour grease, oil or fat down the sink

When you’ve cooked meat, or something greasy like roast potatoes, you can be left with a build up of oil, grease and fat in the receptacles they were cooked in. Even if these build ups appear liquified, it’s important that you do not pour them down the sink, or heat them up for this purpose. They will solidify in the drainage system, causing a fatberg to form which is likely to cause you problems in the future. 

Instead, soak up liquid oil, grease and fat with kitchen paper, or allow it to cool and solidify, before putting it into the bin where it belongs. 

Rinse with hot water

As good practice, regularly run hot water (not boiling) down your sink’s plug hole, as hot water is better for effectively washing things through and keeping your sink’s drainage system free flowing.

What should you do if your sink is blocked? 

There are several at-home sink unblocking methods that you can try, including plunging, and a baking soda and vinegar combination. However, the safest way to get your sink clear again is to call in the experts, like us here at The Drain Guys. If you’re in the south east area of England, we’re the drainage company to trust with the swift and accurate unblocking of your sink.

Why choose The Drain Guys? 

Operating across the south in areas such as Guildford, Portsmouth, Horsham, Kingston Upon Thames, South London, Tonbridge and Brighton, we’ve got you covered in the event of a sink blockage. We’ll attend quickly, only charging for the work we complete, and get your sink flowing as it should once again. Don’t let a blocked sink hold you up; give us a call.

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