The Hidden Cost Of House Buying

They say moving is one of the 3 most stressful things you experience in your lifetime. Buying a home without having a camera survey carried out on your drains is leaving yourself open to a very expensive learning experience at a time when your budget is at its tightest.

This week we carried 10 meters of root cutting, 4 local internal point repairs to stop further root ingress and then 10 meters of drain liner to seal cracks and fractures in the same 10-meter length of 4-inch clay pipework. This work was carried out for one customer in Worthing who had been living at their current address only 4 weeks.

Unfortunately, they had decided against a CCTV Drainage Survey and the cost of carrying out this work was 15 times the cost of having a CCTV drainage survey done.

The Drain Guys CCTV Drainage Survey would have found these problems recommendations would have been made and a quote provided which would have been passed to the homeowner before our clients would have brought the house or the cost to cover the repair works deducted from the purchase price of the home.

Before you buy your dream home don’t forget to call The Drain Guys to carry out a CCTV Drainage Survey it could actually be your best investment.

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